‘African Dictators’

23 December, 2013

By Zihni Özdil

I just read a 2011 article by Forbes’ Mfonobong Nsehe, who has the remarkable task of being an ‘Africa chronicler who tracks succes stories and richest people’ – cynics might say: writes neoliberal superficialisms about the entire(!) continent – in which he asks himself who Africa’s richest dictators are, in past and present.

Beating around the bush
Nsehe’s idea to write about these dictators came after he had a talk with a Kenyan investment banker friend of his, who conveyed to him: ‘Mfonobong, we’re just beating around the bush; you and I both know that in reality the richest people in Africa are our leaders – both the past and the present.’

So, who are these richest African dictators of past and present according to Nsehe?

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